10 min crochet project: vintage button bracelet

Once I learned how to easy it is to make a crocheted thumbhole for fingerless gloves (see previous post), I knew I wanted to make a button closure for a bracelet.

I recently inherited my mother’s stash of vintage buttons.  I made the button hole using the same technique that Deja Jetmir at Crochet Forever After teaches for making thumbholes.  Her tutorial is easy to follow and learn from. I crocheted three lines: single, double, single crochet (plus the adjustment for the buttonhole).  Apologies- I don’t know at all how to write instructions.  Please see Deja’s post for excellent instructions.


This bracelet is sized for an adult, however I have a kiddo modeling it for me.

I am already daydreaming about what other materials I could use to make bracelets with: cord, ribbon, waxed linen. Adding some small beads could add some sparkle.  The style of the button would also change up the look dramatically.  I am going to try some different crochet bracelet designs and will be sure to post the results as they come along.  Might work in some coin purses…


I hope someone, who is crochet shy like I am, will find this post and say to him or herself, “Self, I believe in you!  Armed with the ability to make a HOLE in your crochet patterns, you can take your crafting to a whole new level!” That’s how I feel and I’m flying!


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