Easy crochet project: fingerless gloves

I am a novice crochet-er. I was SO excited to be able to make this pair of fingerless gloves, thumbholes and all, by crocheting in straight lines.  Straight lines are all I know how to crochet, after all.



Please refer to Deja Jetmir’s (at Crochet Ever After) fingerless glove tutorial.  Her video demonstration is easy to follow and the thumbhole design is straightforward and makes sense. She also includes downloadable instructions for right and left handers. I adjusted the length and width to fit the little one’s hands.  This pair of gloves took me about 1.5 hours to make, using a size G-6 hook and basic acrylic yarn.

I hope to inspire fellow beginner crochet enthusiasts out there to diversify from the linear realm of scarves and potholders. Cylindrical shapes with an actual hole is within reach, my friends!

Time for some stylish and cozy cold weather jump-roping.



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